January 27, 2023

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Inpatient Therapies

Daily therapy schedules are posted on the following nursing units:

8 Long - on the floor map behind the nursing station

8 South - on the closet door in the nurses' charting room

12 Long - on the floor map behind the nursing station

7L (for pediatric acute rehab patients) - on the wall across from the nursing station and in the rehab gym.

You may page therapists directly using Pager Box or by finding their pager numbers posted at each nursing station. You may also call our department at (415) 353-1756 for help from our adminstrative staff.


Outpatient Therapies

Please phone the appropriate site to make or reschedule an appointment:

Faculty Practice at 7th Avenue - (415) 476-3451

Faculty Practice at Mt. Zion - (415) 353-7598

Pediatrics - (415) 353-4972

Modified Barium Swallow Studies, Adult and Pediatric - (415) 353-1756