January 27, 2023

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how to refer


Inpatient Therapy
On acute and intensive care units, initial assessment or screening of patients for rehabilitation needs is performed by the admitting physician and nurse.  In addition to findings from his/her own physical examination, the admitting nurse also uses information from a self-assessment form completed by the patient to determine rehabilitation needs.  Upon admission to the hospital, adult patients are asked to complete this self-assessment form regarding their functional abilities and activities of daily living.  Parents of infants and children complete a similar assessment appropriate to the child’s age.  In the event that the self-assessment was not completed, the admitting RN obtains the information.  If the physician or nurse determines that the patient has rehabilitation needs, a written referral to Rehabilitative Services is generated.  On the pediatric rehabilitation unit, screen assessments for rehabilitation needs are performed by the rehabilitation service professionals themselves in collaboration with the admitting physician.

Outpatient Therapy
Patients may access therapy services through self-referral or referral by another health  practice.   These patients must have a problem that has already been diagnosed by a physician or provider qualified to make a medical diagnosis, and must be willing to be personally responsible for payment of services since many health plans do not cover rehab therapy without a written referral.   If the patient accesses our practice through a referral from another provider (usually a physician), that practitioner has already conducted a medical screen and/or examination of the patient that led to the determination that a therapy referral was appropriate.