January 27, 2023

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Reflecting our purpose, the major goals of the department are:

To establish and promote the contribution and value of professional, multi-disciplinary rehab intervention to successful clinical outcomes on all clinical services across the age and care continuum;

To collaborate with medical center and academic departments in outcomes research activities which support the clinical efficacy and effectiveness of rehab interventions provided by each of our professional disciplines;

To actively participate in the clinical education and professional development of rehab (professional) students; to enhance accessibility to rehab services by our clients (patients and referring providers) and to explore ways to broaden access to our knowledge and skills by others within the medical center and our community; and

To develop and maintain a work environment that promotes and encourages positive and collaborative intra- and inter-departmental communication and resolution of issues, supports and respects each individual, and enables seamless delivery of rehab services across the care continuum.